About My Cinema

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cinema goers - share the My Cinema experience

The member cinemas of the New Zealand Motion Picture Exhibitors Association (NZMPEA) have joined with Independent Cinemas Australia (ICA) to extend their commitment to bringing you great entertainment experiences. My Cinema is the logo that identifies these independent cinemas.

Independent cinemas provide a unique and often iconic venue at the heart of your community where you can enjoy all the latest movies and special events. If you love cinema and want to experience some movie magic then My Cinema is for you.

My Cinema members are connected to their local communities whether they are an arthouse cinema in the city, a regional multiplex, or a single screen movie theatre in a small town. My Cinema locations are all privately operated under their own brands. In a My Cinema venue you will often find the person selling you a ticket is also the owner.

Independent cinemas are a social hub offering quality entertainment at affordable prices. My Cinema members are united under the My Cinema brand to offer customers and local communities exciting competitions and special events.

Welcome to My Cinema – The Heart of the Community